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JROTC Uniform Measuring Ruler Tool (Each)

Product ID: JDT-19-033_rowG2

JROTC uniform tool. Help position your Insignia, Medals & Ribbons. Translucent plastic ruler. Make sure to pass inspection with your collar devices and ranks in the correct place with this handy ruler. Uniform measuring tool.
ROTC Eagle Stole Pin (EA)

Product ID: JDT-60-082_rowG4

ROTC Eagle stole pin is the perfect award addition to wear on your graduation stole
Army Engraved Nameplate

Product ID: JDT-01-001_rowK2

Army Military Spec Uniform Nameplates For Class A/B & ASU Uniforms. Black Pebble Finish With White Letters. Size 1" Tall X 3" Wide. All Letters Will Be Capitalized On Name Tags Unless Specified. Army Name Plate For JROTC / ROTC / Active Duty.
Daedalian Medal Set

Product ID: JDT-36-005_rowH13

National Award Medal Set For Daedalian. Comes with Ribbon
N-4-1 Medal Set Parade

Product ID: JDT-52-032

Award Set. JROTC Ribbon Drape With Medal
Navy Crest 1"X3" Smooth Engraved Nameplate

Product ID: JDT-NJ-002

Navy 1"X3" Smooth Engraved Name plate with Attached NJROTC Crest. Military Spec Uniform Nameplate For Class A/B Uniforms. Shiny Black Finish With White Letters. Name Tag Size Is 1" Tall X 3" Wide. All Letters Will Be Capitalized Unless Specified.Navy Name Plate For NJROTC