G.I. Cotton Barracks Laundry Bag (20 PK)

Product ID: JDT-59-061

Store and carry your uniform, PT gear, delicates, and other apparel inside the large Barracks Laundry Bag.
Garment Bag (100 Pk)

Product ID: JDT-23-004_D/S

Zippered garment bags. Full zipper front. Reinforced hanger hole. Black vinyl, long lasting. Clear plastic window allows you to see what is inside. 24" x 40"
Genuine G.I. Butt Pack (7 Pack)

Product ID: JDT-59-008

The G.I. Butt Pack measures 10” X 9 ½” X 6”, offering plenty of space to store your gear wherever you go.
Olive Drab G.I. Type Enhanced Double Strap Duffle Bag (5 Pack)

Product ID: JDT-59-005_D/S

ACU, Olive Drab or Black Enhanced Double Strap Duffle bag is made of a heavyweight nylon material and features two adjustable shoulder straps, a side handle, and a button closure pocket. Measures 24" x 36".