Dog Tags

Dog Tags

Need Blank stamped dog tags supplies or to design your own engraved dog tags. You've come to the right place. Select a category below to narrow your search to the right category you need.

Engraved Dog Tags: Engraved design logo dog tags. Dogtags are engraved with the logo you select on front. Great for fundraising or advertising. Engraved dog tag set includes 1 engraved dog tag  and 1 30-inch chain or keyring.

Black Silencers (Bag of 100)

Product ID: JDT-45-007

Put an end to noisy dog tags with these black rubber silencers.
Box Of Blank Dog Tags Stainless Steel (Box Of 100)

Product ID: JDT-45-001_rowR2

1 box of blank dog tags stainless steel 100 pieces
Embossable Red Dog Tags Blank (Box Of 100)

Product ID: JDT-45-005

1 box of blank red dog tags aluminum 100 pieces. embossable tags for medical conditions such as allergies, medications, and etc For manual and automatic embossing machines. Army / navy/ air force / marines / ROTC / active duty
JROTC Coin With Chain (Each)

Product ID: JDT-45-006_rowI11

Challenge coin shaped like a dog tag. US Army JROTC logo on front. back side stamped with awarded for leadership excellence duty, honor, country. Includes coin and 30 inch dog tag chain.
Military Dog Tag Chain Sets (100 Short & 100 Long)

Product ID: JDT-45-002

100 sets of dog tag chains includes 100 long (30 inch) & 100 short (5 inch) chains for military identification dog tags.
P38 Military Can Opener

Product ID: JDT-24-001

Authentic GI Can Opener. Every soldier carries one! Screwdriver, awl, box cutter, these do it all. (Warning-these should not be carried to school!)
Red Silencers (Bag of 100)

Product ID: JDT-45-008

Put an end to noisy dog tags with these red rubber silencers.