Army Engraved Nameplate

Product ID: JDT-01-001_rowK2
Army Military Spec Uniform Nameplates For Class A/B & ASU Uniforms. Black Pebble Finish With White Letters. Size 1" Tall X 3" Wide. All Letters Will Be Capitalized On Name Tags Unless Specified. Army Name Plate For JROTC / ROTC / Active Duty.

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Navy Crest 1"X3" Smooth Engraved Nameplate

Product ID: JDT-NJ-002

Navy 1"X3" Smooth Engraved Name plate with Attached NJROTC Crest. Military Spec Uniform Nameplate For Class A/B Uniforms. Shiny Black Finish With White Letters. Name Tag Size Is 1" Tall X 3" Wide. All Letters Will Be Capitalized Unless Specified.Navy Name Plate For NJROTC
Backless Army Nameplate (Back Detached) Box of 100

Product ID: JDT-02-007_rowK2

Blank army nameplates with a detached back. Box of 100
Blank Navy Nameplates 1" X 3"

Product ID: JDT-02-003

Box of 100 Blank Navy Name Plates Includes Brass Clutch Tips. Name Tag Size 1" Tall X 3" Wide. NJROTC / NROTC / Active Duty
Blank USMC Nameplates

Product ID: JDT-02-004

Box of 100 Blank Marine Name Plates. Name Tag Size Is 5/8" Tall X 3" Wide. Name Badge For MCJROTC / MCROTC / Active Duty
Blank USAF Plastic Nameplates (Box of 100)

Product ID: JDT-AF-038_rowWall

Blank USAF Blue Plastic Name Plates. Name Tag Size 5/8" Tall X 3-3/16" Wide AFJROTC / AFROTC / Active Duty
100 Tip Backings

Product ID: JDT-02-005

100 Spare Replacement Tip Backings For Name Plate , Rank And Award