Space Force

Chest Medal Drape Bar

Product ID: medal_drape_bar

First Place (Gold), Second Place (Silver) and Third Place (Bronze)
1 Star Ribbon Attachment (Each)

Product ID: star_ribbon_device

ALL COLORS - Service Star award insignia ribbon attachment, choose between 3/16 or 5/16 inch
Black Dress Socks (50 Pairs) (No Returns)

Product ID: black_dress_sock

50 pairs of USA made military black dress socks. 80% cotton / 20% nylon, soft & comfortable, to be worn with oxfords & other dress shoes. fits men and women JROTC / Junior ROTC / Senior ROTC / ROTC
Brass Ribbon Racks

Product ID: brass_ribbon_racks

Select between single, double or triple ribbon bar.
Elastic Blousing Garter (Pair)

Product ID: JDT-59-017_rowG2

The military garters are made from elasticized cotton for a comfortable fit and come two in a set.
Garment Bag (100 Pk)

Product ID: JDT-23-004_D/S

Zippered garment bags. Full zipper front. Reinforced hanger hole. Black vinyl, long lasting. Clear plastic window allows you to see what is inside. 24" x 40"
Men's & Women's Combination Shoe Sizer

Product ID: JDT-49-080_rowL7

Brannock device measure mens and womens footwear with accuracy. It is used to size shoes for men’s feet. Measures men lengths 5-15 widths 3A to 3E women's length 4-14 width 4A-E.
Men's Shoe Sizer Brannock Device

Product ID: JDT-49-079_rowL14

Brannock device measure mens footwear with accuracy. It is used to size shoes for men’s feet. Measure size 4 up to 16 length and width measurements are 3A to 3E.
Mens Black Dress Shoelace (2 Pair)

Product ID: JDT-49-081_rowE7

Black dress round waxed shoes laces for mens dress shoes. These come in 35" length for the mens laces. You will receive 2 pairs.
Metal Ribbon Rack No Space

Product ID: metal_ribbon_rack_no_space

Price varies and will show in the drop down when you select your rack size. Select a rack that fits between 4-32 ribbons. These JROTC ribbon racks have no space (or gap) between the rows for Army, Navy, Air Force, and USMC standard.
MOLLE 3 Liter Backstrap Hydration System (4 PK)

Product ID: JDT-59-058

The 3 Liter MOLLE Backstrap Hydration System is engineered to effectively transport water while on the go. The hydration pack is ideal for anyone in the field or planning to be outdoors for an extended period of time (hiking, camping, festivals, etc.).
SFJROTC Space Force Name Tape Hook Back

Product ID: JDT-SP-057

Space Force embroidered name tape with SFJROTC
Space Force "U.S. SPACE FORCE" Name Tapes

Product ID: JDT-SP-020

Embroidered with U.S. SPACE FORCE in blue thread
Space Force Collar Device (Pair)

Product ID: JDT-SP-054

U.S. Space Force collar device pin back.
Space Force Individual Name Tape (Takes Minimum 2-3 Weeks)

Product ID: JDT-SP-019

Space Force hook back nametape with your custom text embroidered on.
Space Force JROTC Patch Full Color (Hook Back)

Product ID: JDT-SP-055

SFJROTC shoulder patch. Hook back to attach to the loop patch on your uniform.
Space Force JROTC Patch Full Color (Sew On)

Product ID: JDT-SP-056

SFJROTC shoulder patch sew on
White Socks (60 PR)

Product ID: white_socks

Cotton white socks for athletic wear. Choose from size medium or large for your bundle of 60 pairs of socks